Fast Response

Always get a fast response

You will always get a fast response from us. We pride ourselves in arriving at all emergency jobs within the hour! If you are in a pickle day or night Locksmiths of Harrow are there to provide a fast response so whether you have;

  • Locked you keys in you car and left them in the ignition, boot or anywhere else inside. We can either pick the lock for you or open the door slightly and fish your keys out.
  • Walked out of the house and left your keys inside. We can get to you usually within half an hour and open the door in a non-destructive way. That means you can continue to use the same keys that you left inside.
  • Snapped a key off in the lock so as though you cannot extract it yourself. We can perform the key extraction and if you have a spare set of keys inside you can again continue to use the same keys which saves you a lock change.
  • If you have the keys but you cannot gain access because the lock has become faulty. We can either fix it with what you have on your door currently or replace the lock with a new working one.bike lock
  • We can also respond quickly if you have lost the keys to your bike lock or if the lock itself is broken. You can often claim this money back from the manufacturers if the lock is still within warranty. Most mid-range to expensive bike locks offer at least a year warranty.
  • You can also call on us if you urgently need to get into a safe, if you locked your passport away in there months ago, lost the key (or forgot the pass code for a code operated one) they can get you into in quickly.
  • Or if you have a safe in your business that needs the key operated lock changed because someone else may have a copy. We can assist with all of these issues and more.

A locksmith team to the rescue at all times!

service always ready to come to your aidProviding a great service is all well and good, and something that the team here is continuously working on. This to be able to bring you the highest quality services and products from known and trusted brands, ensuring your home or business security is kept with what is required to battle the risks that you may be facing.

On top of a wide range of service that the highly trained and service directed locksmith team provides, we are also dedicated to in providing you with availability 24/7. This means that if you are stuck in a terrible lockout scenario which you need resolved as soon as possible, you can call on us at any time. Your locksmith emergency lockout service line is always manned, so you can always rest assured that there will be someone at the end of the line to take your distress call.

Providing access to you when you need it the most is a pleasure that the locksmith service team takes on as there is little that beats being able to help someone in need. Our recommendation would be for you to save our number somewhere accessible to keep yourself safe should a disastrous lockout scenario hit you unexpectedly. The team here knows that situations such as these most commonly occurs with what seems like the worst possible timing, and with much experience in the field you will have to look hard to find a Harrow emergency service who are more understanding of your urgency.

If you have questions relating to the 24 hour service please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and equally if you are in need of any of our other services you can call at any time for a quotation or to book in a time to have the work done.

Your emergency locksmith team are renowned for record braking response times

your quick response team at your service at any timeThere are many situations which can call for an emergency locksmith need, one of the most common such ones is the case of being locked out. In these situations it can be hard to know exactly what to do and how to react. There are of course often many stressful factors involved, and this is something that Locksmith Harrow service team are well aware of and highly understanding of.

What the team here recommends is that you keep our number in your telephone to ensure that you always know what to do should such an emergency scenario occur. If you have the number for this caring locksmith service team close at hand when disaster strikes, you can always just dial our number and expect a rapid and professional response, meaning that you will be safe and sound inside again before you know it.

A team with the right tools and the right experience will no doubt be able to assist you difficult situation no matter what it is, so give us a call if you are in a situation like that now, or call to find out more from our friendly locksmith service team with regards to the rapid lockout response we provide. Non destructive methods are prioritised if needed, locks are stocked in our vehicles so that situations requiring a new lock installation can be resolved instantly on the spot should the situation require it. If there are any other services that you are in need of, you can of course also call the ready locksmith service team here.


Your emergency is this locksmith team’s priority

Quick response with your emergency lockout serviceAn emergency lockout situation is never something planned, and without failure, things like this seems to happen when it’s the worst time for it. The team here have seen enough stressful lockout situations to see well the need for urgency in many situations. This is why when you dial the number for this emergency locksmith lockout service you will always be met with understanding, and at pace a friendly and accommodating team member will make haste towards your location immediately. The vehicles are ready with the tools needed for any regular lockout job. With years of experience in the area of regaining access fast, you can trust that this team will have you back inside as soon as it’s possible. Keep our contact number and save yourself a heap of stress should you ever need emergency access. Next to the quick lockout service that your locksmith service team provides, you can of course also find all your regular needs fulfilled, and if you have any questions about your security at home or at work, get in touch now to ask them. Prices are kept low and competitive to ensure that you get a great deal on whatever products or services you choose, and with a high level of flexibility the team can arrange the services around your needs and your time schedule. Keep your area secure with a locksmith service team who are up to date and always puts priority on your needs and your emergencies.

Chatting with the team about your requirements can be done at any time and at your convenience, just give the lovely locksmith team a ring when you have a spare few minutes that you want to dedicate to your safety and security.