Do I have to have a lock change if I have lost my keys?

Do I have to have a lock change if I have lost my keys?

In the case of keys gone astray any professional of standard and stature will always recommend you to have a lock change done. The quick explanation is that, since you don’t know where they key is, a stranger might have access to your home if you don’t change the locks. As quickly as possible is the general recommendation. And if you are in need of an emergency locksmith, our professionals can help you with a quick lock change on the spot after access has been regained if so desired.

Fast and easy lock change in case of lost keys

There is no law to state that you have to have a lock change done if you lose your keys. But it is without a doubt in your own best interest to have it done. If you have a sneaking suspicion as to where your keys might be, you can hold off with the change of the locks until you’ve had a look. After all, our intuition, or gut feeling is often right. However, you do so at your own risk. With a good service a lock change is quick, easy, and if your emergency locksmith is there on site with you. The small additional cost may well be worth your while. Just for convenience and security’s sake.

Keeping your home or business security at top levels at all times is a great idea. Although your lost keys may just be lost. There is always a risk that they were stolen. In this case the consequences of not having a lock change done can be dire.

So if your keys have gone astray, ensure that you get a lock change as soon as possible. If you think you know where they are, you can hold off slightly, but you do so at your own risk. Making sure that the building is not left unattended during the times of heightened risk will lower it considerably if you are willing to wait. Speak to our emergency technicians if you are looking for a quick emergency lock change at any time.