What varieties of electronic door locks are there?

What varieties of electronic door locks are there?

There are as many different types of electronic door locks as there are people who make them out there. Often they come with more than one means of entering a door. Most commonly there is a keypad, Bluetooth or bio-metric.

blue lights electronic door lockWith the number pads there is a code for entry. Bluetooth is often used with an electronic key or an electronic device. Bio-metric means that there is some sort of identification system for your biology. Such as fingerprints, hand prints or facial scans.

Some locking systems allows remote unlocking. Though an app or with a program that comes with the system. Home automation is the mark of smart technology. And that often includes your security and safety. Most smart home security systems are equipped with electronic locks and are remotely controllable.

Whether or not a smart home, or an electronic door locks is for you depends on your home, your needs and what you currently have installed in ways of security. For help with finding the right security for you. Speaking to our advisers is an option available at all times.

Our helpers are here to assist all hours with any electric door lock problems. With our knowledge we can help make your home a more convenient and more secure place to live. And remember. We highly recommend that you always choose professional installation for your electronic door lock. This way you are guaranteed the maximum security that the product can provide. But. If you are going to attempt installation yourself. Always choose a brand that you know and trust.

What are the advantages with a digital door lock?

When speaking on the topic the question is often asked. How secure are they? You have seen the different type of number locks in office buildings and workplaces before. They often operate by code only Meaning that a minimum of 4 digit number will be used to open the door.

For home use these type of locks are unusual as we tend to not have any need for internal security there. But in workplaces it can be useful to distribute access accordingly.

There are many great benefits with making use of a digital door lock. As they are code operated they are in most cases completely pick proof. There is no external access to the locking mechanism. There is no need to keep track of keys, but instead of course there is the remembering of a code. Which can be equally confusing.

If you are making use of digital locks in your workplace or home. It’s in your best security interest to ensure that you exchange the codes with regular intervals. This keeps your security high. But as mentioned, it can be a difficult rota to keep everyone that needs it up to date with the relevant codes. This is especially true if you have many people who are in need of access.

For a business situations especially. Digital locks provide great access control and look professional.

Institutions, government bodies and other organisational buildings are also often equipped with digital locks. With good reason. For places where persons may struggle with keys. In homes for the elderly and so on. Keyless entry can work as a help in day to day life.

If you have questions or would like to get a quote for how much installation work for digital door locks would be for your building. You can contact our skilled professionals at any time.